Artifacts are spinning

An important component of the database is digital imaging of our objects. Recently, we had a breakthrough in photographing objects “in the round” with the help of one of our undergraduate student workers, Nancy Muntz (Anthropology/Archaeology, 2011).

Place the cursor over the image below and hold down the mouse button (that’s the left mouse button for PC users – only one mouse button for MAC users). Move the cursor right or left to see a 360-degree view of the Nasca bowl from Peru (69.1.392).

(If you don’t see an image below, it means that you will need to download the Quicktime plugin for your web browser).

The 360-spin effect was created by first photographing the object on a lazy Susan at 10 degree intervals. The resulting images were stitched together using a program called Object2vr by Garden Gnome Software.

We welcome suggestions about which parts of the collection would benefit from having 360-degree views to help us prioritize our imaging work.

Stay tuned for more updates on cataloging and imaging being done this semester.

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