Colors of Greece: The Art and Archaeology of Georg von Peschke

We’ve spent the past few days installing Colors of Greece: The Art and Archaeology of Georg von Peschke: reconfiguring walls, painting the gallery, producing labels, and beginning to unwrap, check, and place the artworks.

Brian Wallace, Curator/Academic Liason for Art and Artifacts working with Kostis Kourelis, Exhibition Curator and Steve Tucker, Exhibition Designer

This morning, our guest curator Kostis Kourelis took a break from working with designer Steve Tucker and curator Brian Wallace to reflect on the experience of seeing years of research take the form of an exhibition.
Kourelis noted the advantages accruing to him, as a scholar, arising from the opportunity he has had to view Peschke’s artwork in this new context, just a few short weeks after the exhibition, presented in a different arrangement, closed at Franklin & Marshall College. “Links between the works—thematic, narrative, and formal connections—are so clearly articulated in the exhibition that new subjects—the cultural role of architecture, for example—have presented themselves to me as important topics for future research.”
Kourelis also made mention of the way in which the exhibition links the history and culture of Bryn Mawr to artistic, intellectual, and political developments in the world. Peschke’s connection with Bryn Mawr archaeologists, so well documented in the exhibition, is a kind of scaffolding onto which current students can bring together their knowledge of college and world.

Exhibition Designer Steve Tucker Installing Text

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  1. Although I have faith I can find this exhibit if I come over to BMC, your description never mentions which building it’s in. You only say it’s in “the gallery”. The collections home page states that BMC has never established a museum and exhibits can be found in various places – two libraries and “in the departments” – so that’s no help either.

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